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What We Do – 1:1 sessions

What is a Care Farm?

Care farms use farming practices as part of a restorative healing treatment or therapy. The care farm could be all or part of a farm and offer health, social or educational care services to vulnerable people.

Apple Tree Farm serves a community of children and young people looking to improve their physical and mental well-being as well as extend their skillset and educational opportunities.

Our 1:1 sessions

Currently, a large part of the work undertaken at the farm are 1:1 sessions. These work well as they allow children to be paired with one key member of staff, giving them chance to build a working relationship and an opportunity to work on individually tailored skills.

Every 1:1 session is planned around each child’s needs and interests to engage them as much as possible, with the intention to work towards goals and achievements identified by the child themselves, or by those working around them.

A typical 1:1 session lasts for 2-3 hours, and includes time around the farm, a snack break, (often a hot chocolate in the colder months!), and crafts and other practical skills. Children doing 1:1 sessions will also be offered social time with others around the farm, such as cooking and eating around the fire or in the barn kitchen.

We are now approved to  deliver the AQA Unit Award Scheme (see separate Learning and Development page).

“Going to Apple Tree Farm every Thursday has made me really happy”   A quote from one of our 1:1 students.

1 to 1 apple tree farm 1
1 to 1 apple tree farm
1 to 1 apple tree farm
1 to 1 apple tree farm