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1:1 sessions at Apple Tree Farm

At Apple Tree Farm, our 1:1 sessions are a cornerstone of our work, offering personalised support and care to children and young people. These sessions provide the unique opportunity for each child to be paired with a dedicated key staff member, fostering a strong, trusting relationship and allowing for focused, individualised skill development.

Personalised and Goal-Oriented

Each 1:1 session is meticulously planned around the child’s specific needs and interests. Our approach is designed to maximise engagement and work towards personal goals and achievements identified by the child or their support network. By tailoring each session, we ensure that every child feels valued and supported in their journey.

Session Structure

A typical 1:1 session lasts 2-3 hours and includes a variety of activities tailored to the child’s interests and goals. Sessions often involve:

– Time spent exploring and working around the farm

– A snack break, with hot chocolate during colder months

– Crafts and practical skill-building activities

In addition to individualised activities, children are offered opportunities for social interaction, such as cooking and sharing meals around the fire or in the barn kitchen.

Accredited Learning Opportunities

We are proud to be approved to deliver the AQA Unit Award Scheme, enabling us to offer accredited learning opportunities within our 1:1 sessions (see our Learning and Development page for more details).

Success Stories

Here’s what one of our 1:1 students had to say about their experience:

“Going to Apple Tree Farm every Thursday has made me really happy.”

This feedback highlights the positive impact our 1:1 sessions can have on a child’s well-being and development.

Discover More

Learn how our 1:1 sessions at Apple Tree Farm can support your child’s growth and happiness. Contact us to find out more about our personalised approach and how we can tailor our sessions to meet your child’s unique needs.

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1 to 1 apple tree farm
1 to 1 apple tree farm
1 to 1 apple tree farm