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Other animals available at Apple Tree Farm

Alpacas at apple tree farm

We are also small time breeders of goats, and guinea pigs. From time to time we may look to find new homes for some of our animals.

Our animals are all raised with the highest welfare, enjoy as much of a free range life as possible and are handled with care and attention.

They often become very friendly and accustomed to human interaction.

Animals For Sale

Gary the guinea pig

Guinea Pigs **SOLD**

We will have guinea pig pups born soon. With only a short pregnacy time, we will be looking to find homes for any males born here, for their own welfare.

Males and females shopuld be kept apart, with males best kep in pairs to avoid fighting.


Fergus and Fiona

Goats **SOLD**

We keep a small herd of Golden Guernsey and crosses at the farm.

We are currently looking to reduce our herd and so Fiona and her two year old son Fergus are looking for a new home together.

Fergus was born here in 2020 and they have a lovely bond, so we would really like to find them a home together. He is castrated and dehorned whilst Fiona is polled.


Lottie the kid

Goat Kids **SOLD**

We keep a small herd of Golden Guernsey and crosses at the farm.

Little Lottie was born on the 2nd June and was originally thought to be polled. Sadly three weeks after being born Lottie started growing the daintiest little horns. All our goats at the farm are hornless and we would like to keep our herd that way so Lottie will be looking a new home upon weaning.

Mum Beryl is a GG x unknown, dad is a pure GG billy. Lottie will be ready and weaned from October 2022.