Meet The Animals

Goats at apple tree farm

Goats at Apple Tree Farm

The farm has a small herd of Golden Guernsey goats, some purebred and some crossbreed.

The nanny goats kid every other year, a time of much joy for everyone around as goat kids are just amazing fun!

Check out the calendar to see when they are next due to kid.

Pigs at apple tree farm

Pigs at Apple Tree Farm

The farm pigs are the most pampered in the world* and will roll over for a coconut oil foot rub whenever possible.

Whilst the farm raises pigs for meat, these four are never for the table and will live out their lives receiving spa treatments regularly.

Ouessant Sheep at apple tree farm

Sheep at Apple Tree Farm

There is a small flock of useless sheep who although are very useful for cuddles and therapeutic input, serve no other purpose.

The main flock consists of the Ouessant sheep, the smallest naturally occurring breed of sheep in the world, which the farm is proud to be continually improving its breeding programme of Ouessant Sheep.

Alpacs at apple tree farm

Alpacas at Apple Tree Farm

Alpacas are herd animals, and the smallest members of the camelid family, which includes llamas and camels.

They were domesticated in South American countries some 6,000 years ago and, coming from the Andes, they are very hardy creatures.

There are two types, the Huacaya and the Suri, the only difference between them being the way their fleece grows.

Bert The  Donkey

Donkeys at Apple Tree Farm

Our two donkeys arrived in 2019 following our successful adoption from the Donkey Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

Bert was rescued in 2017, having been abandoned by the side of a busy road in the North of England. He was injured, underweight and wild. With a lot of work and dedication by the Donkey Sanctuary team, Bertie was rehabilitated to be a lovely donkey. He was paired up with Rusty and they settled in nicely with us and are thoroughly enjoying their lives.

Richard the sheep

Richard The Sheep

Richard is a Swiss Valais Blacknose sheep who came to the farm at the very start of our journey. He is rather large, and when he arrived the miniature sheep felt scared of him, assuming he was a dog. He then lived in our garden for a little while and became the friendliest creature.

An endearing character, always up for a cuddle and the gentlest soul. He is adored by all the children and lives with his four friends, together known as the Useless Sheep.

Barn Animals

In the barns we have our birds and our small animals, the ferrets, the guinea pigs, and the rabbits. Ideal for supporting our children in learning how to gently handle small animals and the basic aspects of care and mutual respect.

apple tree farm barn
Rabbits at apple tree farm 2
Ferrets at apple tree farm
Hens at apple tree farm
Guinea pigs at apple tree farm
Rabbits at apple tree farm