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What we Do – Alternative Provision

What is a Care Farm?

Care farms use farming practices as part of a restorative healing treatment or therapy. The care farm could be all or part of a farm and offer health, social or educational care services to vulnerable people.

Apple Tree Farm serves a community of children and young people looking to improve their physical and mental well-being, as well as extend their skillset and educational opportunities.

Our Alternative Provision

An expanding area of the farm services is alternative provision for those who are currently between educational settings or unable to access their educational provision.

Commissioners such as schools or the LA may wish to access Alternative Provision as an early intervention or preventative measure.

Alternative provision includes sessions at the farm that are more than 3 hours in length, and usually up to a full day, and gives key workers an opportunity to bring in selective aspects of academic skills through daily farm tasks and teach more detailed knowledge about animal care and management.

We are now approved to  deliver the AQA Unit Award Scheme (see separate Learning and Development page).

Alternative provision is very dependent on each child’s needs, so the best way to find out if this may be suitable for your child is to speak to one of our team members about how we could cater to your child’s specific needs.

“With Phil I do “woodings” which is woodwork.  I have built roofs, fences and shelters.  The thing I enjoy the most is roof work. Phil is a good laugh and a good teacher.  He makes things easy to understand and repeats himself when he needs to.  I have learnt to use tools like electric screwdrivers, and saws and use them safely”  A quote from one of our older Alternative provision students who has since left to start college.

Alternative Education in North Devon
Alternative Provision in North Devon
Alternative Provision in North Devon
Alternative Provision in North Devon