Collective Pottery

Tarka Pottery

We have concluded our HAF Programme at the farm and what a fantastic week it has been. We have been honoured to receive a visit from Melissa Filby from Devon County Council and Selaine Saxby MP. It was a pleasure to be able to show the impact of our programme and how committed we are to ensuring our children have a valuable opportunity when attending the farm.

This week we also welcomed the team from Tarka Pottery to give our children an exciting opportunity to create their own artwork. The children (and staff, clearly!) also worked very hard on a collaborative piece for the farm.

All their hard work has gone back to the pottery to go in the kiln and be fired, and will be ready in about four weeks time. It is our intention to then distribute the pieces to their rightful owners one way or another, be it by post, personal delivery or donkey delivery. All methods will be considered.

The food hampers this week have been a bit of odds and sods, as we approach the end we have to clear our stocks and so hampers may have appeared rather random! The contents did include the ingredients for this amazing, and super easy pizza, so they could be made at home.

The farm newsletter has been circulated today with lots and lots of information about our summer.

Look out for next week’s newsletter containing important information about our Saturday Farm Club, Animal Care Group and our term time activities, which return on Monday 12th September.

ConcentrationChildren doing pottery