We're alive!

Elizabeth and Charlotte

You are probably all aware that the kids have finally arrived. I mean, how could we not shout about it when they are so cute!

This does mean that our baby season is nearly at an end for this year, with just the guinea pigs and Winnie the sheep to give birth.

The kids are adorable, cheeky and mischievous and have already brought so much joy to our daily lives. So far neither have discovered the joys of escaping from their pen and both are beautifully golden and strong. Beryl is a proud mum indeed.

Meanwhile Fiona, the other possibly pregnant goat, has been evicted from the maternity suite in the barn on the grounds of being a freeloader. Turns out she isn’t expecting at all and was simply pretending so she could be fed extra rations.

She is having a lovely time out in the field with her friends though.

And with kids born on the Royal Jubilee weekend, what better title to give them than HRH Elizabeth and HRH Charlotte.