Kid Goats at Apple Tree Farm

Yikes! When we discussed having kids this year, some of us bounced around in excitement. Kids are blooming lovely to have around. So mischievous, naughty, and full of joy.

It has been five months since Fiona and Beryl have returned from their romantic time away with the billy goat. Beryl has been looking fit to burst for several weeks now and with the turn of the weather last week and the unpredictable showers through the days, we decided to bring the two girls indoors. Goats simply do not tolerate a single drop of rain and will look at you in complete dismay if you make them get wet for any reason. They are my kind of animal, they will take breakfast in bed and a lie in on a rainy day, every day!

Sensing that Beryl was close to kidding, the move was made some 10 days ago. When I say sensing, I of course mean purely guess work looking at the size of her milky bag.

Regular day and night checks for signs of an impending goat birth (or two) usually involves one of us standing there watching the girls, whilst they stand there watching us back. We all, humans and goats alike, look slightly puzzled by this slightly passive aggressive stance. Then one of them will squat, whilst holding our gaze and this is when we go ‘are you, or are you not kidding?’  So far, the answer has been ‘no, hooman, I am having a big wee.’

The kid countdown continues. At this rate I would say we could be waiting into 2023 but of course, that is just my impatience speaking because it wouldn’t be biologically possible for a goat to be pregnant for 365 days.

Watch this space for news of when we are indeed, kidding!