The highs and lows

Life has its own set of highs and lows for us all. But life surrounded by animals can be particularly brutal because mother nature can be cruel.

Last week we unexpectedly lost a ewe. ‘Nothing extraordinary’ I hear you say, since sheep have a tendency to just drop dead for no apparent reason. The problem is that she left behind an 8 week-old ewe lamb, little Hettie Boo.

During my initial hours of panic I incessantly Googled ‘how to be adoptive mother to baby sheep’ whilst desperately trying to shove a bottle of lamb milk down Hettie’s throat.

However I needn’t worry. It appears as well as being cruel, mother nature can also be cunning. The small flock that mother ewe belonged to, who all have their own little lambs to raise, have since rallied together and are clearly taking it in turns to raise little Hettie.

This afternoon I observed the girls relaxing with their babies, and little Hettie was cosy as bug snuggled next to Gary Brown and his mum.

I found an instant sense of relief. I can stop Googling now.