Ouessants are lovely little sheep and ideal for novice sheep keepers. One of the smallest naturally occurring breeds, they require less land than other sheep and also adapt well to their surroundings, making them the perfect pet for anyone who has land – from a large garden to a small-holding. They’ve earnt fame as excellent living lawn mowers and suit many situations, from holiday venues, petting zoos and country parks to residential homes and schools. They are non-aggressive, not at all timid and make wonderful additions to any smallholding.

Thinking of keeping one or more Ouessant sheep?

We usually have a range of Ouessant sheep for sale here in Devon, please contact us for details. Their average life expectancy is 10-12 years but some have lived to 15. These sheep originate from the barren Isle of Ouessant off the coast of Brittany. As a primitive breed they are extremely hardy and will thrive on the poorest of pasture, though if the grass remains very low in winter you may need to provide sheep pellets or other concentrates. Hay should be accessible all year. As with all sheep, providing a copper-free mineral block will ensure they don’t lack essential nutrients in their diet.

Oeussants’ tails are short and don’t need docking. They need shearing once a year and their fleece can be spun into yarn. It mixes well with other fibre, particularly alpaca. Ewes and wethers will live happily together. Rams can charge, more so at tupping time. With rams, keeping a mutual respect is the key.

We supply all our customers with a husbandry fact sheet and full medical history for all of our animals. We also offer a back-up-package, so you are never left high and dry, wondering what you need to do to look after your sheep. As with our alpacas, we do offer a delivery service.