Richard the Woolley…

This week saw us say goodbye to our two oldest breeding ewes to their new retirement home. This was the perfect opportunity to to fill the gap left with a new addition, because sometimes you just can’t help falling in love…

So meet Richard, he stole our hearts last week during a visit to Woolley Animals, just down the road in Riddlecombe.

Cathy and Stuart were ever so helpful during our visit which had a completely different purpose to sheep but alas, when we met the Valais Blacknose lambs we were smitten.

Richard is only 3 months old and already twice the size of our four month old Ouessant lambs. He will grow to be somewhere between 80 – 120kgs. A Ouessant ram grows to be 20 – 25kgs. The difference is astounding.

He is, however, a very sweet natured boy and will fit in perfectly in our therapy programme.

I have been spending sometime in the field with him so he becomes used to me. Today I laid down in the sunshine and after a few minutes of sniffing around me he made himself comfortable next to me where he thoroughly enjoyed a chin scratch.

I’m very excited to see what this boy can give us.

Welcome home Richard.