Pippin Alpacas Therapy goes large…

Well, almost…


This last week has already seen the exciting addition of Richard the Extra Woolley Valais Blacknose and the hatching of several ducklings by first time mum Fatima as well as the successful adoption of several incubated eggs by one of our broody hens at the point of hatching.

Yesterday the August edition of Country Smallholding Magazine hit the shelves, featuring our story as a family and business unit in their Good Lives section. A huge thanks from us goes to Jack Smellie from Relaxed At Home for taking the time to get to know us and listen to us drivel about our dreams and ambitions.

We had the fantastic chance to meet Jack much earlier in the year via her most amazing Facebook group Cellebrating Smallholding UK where we enjoy the company of some very knowledgeable individuals with similar love for our animals and land. A perfect place for advice and support when this lifestyle takes you by surprise, which is often!

The magazine is available to buy now and we already have our copie(s) available in our Barn Room for anyone to read.

Come and visit us, meet our animals and have a read of it.