New life springs upon us…

Toddler therapy

Lambing has been the highlight of our last few weeks here at Apple Tree Farm, as has the arrival of spring. Our lambing season kicked off with an emergency c-section on an older ewe and the bottle feeding of her surviving ram lamb. He was eventually reintroduced to her and now sits happily in the field with her and the other ewes and lambs. It has been a joy to witness young ram lamb Arlo Black come back from almost certain demise to be a strong bouncy lamb. As I write this I’m watching him sneak under the gate into the next paddock where he teases our young wether Robert into a chase and then sneaks back under the gate leaving Robert bemused that he can’t get to Arlo.

Charlie Brown and mum

The arrival of spring has brought about renewed energy to get on with some of the jobs that have been on the list for a while. We have lots of fresh growth about, the chickens are no longer skating in mud, we are able to drive up to the top of the holding without getting stuck in mud and everyone seems to be enjoying a nap in the sunshine.

We also had the opportunity to welcome home our newest residents, Chantelle and Rodney. These KuneKune pigs have joined us to form part of our therapy stock, much to the bewilderment of Bacon and Sausage. They have been rescued from a back garden (!!!!) where they spent their short lives, and this last winter, hunkering down against a hedge, with no proper shelter even through the worst of the snowy period. Rodney is a bit nervous of being touched although he is coming round to spending time with me without the need to eat my wellies or knees. Both need a little TLC and will hopefully grow back some of their hair which was probably lost due to stress and malnutrition.

Bacon and Sausage don't approve of the new neighbours.
Chantelle and Rodney investigate their new surroundings.


So we continue to look forward to summer, if it ever warms up enough. Our facilities are nearly ready and I look forward to sharing those updates with you when they are ready!