How did it happen?

That’s a question I ask myself whenever I stand in one of our fields, surrounded by our animals, pondering.

The decision for the big move from Surrey to Devon happened on one muggy Sunday evening in the summer of 2017. Our car had been broken into for the second or third time in as many months, the local news was full of reports of the increase in local crime and we no longer felt safe. That longing for tranquillity, space and animals was becoming all too overwhelming and so, as we went to sleep one night the dream became a plan. From July to October is all it took for us to sell our house and move to Devon where we then spent the next 3 months looking for the perfect setting.

As we drove out of the gates of Apple Tree Farm, following our first viewing, we looked at each other beaming as we both agreed that this was ‘our little bite of the cherry.’

So here we are, myself – Brenda, Phil, our daughter Emilia and our crazy dog Monty. Along the way our puppy Maggie joined us too. Together we jumped into the deep end taking on our 9 acres of land, several alpacas and sheep. Since then the crew has grown considerably in numbers and varieties and now includes pigs and various birds and waterfowl.

The dream became reality and as we slowly mature towards the exciting opening of our new venture we welcome you to join us in our journey.

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  • Great people doing a great thing. An inspiration.

    Dan Knight
    Posted 30th April 2018 at 9:18 pm

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