Busy week for new arrivals

That moment when you just put food in your mouth and someone takes a photo.

This week we have been blessed with even more new life at the farm. Three alpacas unpacked producing two lovely white girls and one utterly gorgeous black boy.

New arrivals


One of the girls to arrive did so with ears that folded back and after two days of putting them right and watching them flop straight back we decided to break the big guns out and deal with it properly. By means of the technical application of microporous tape holding them up. A few days like this should do the trick nicely.

Our first born girl, back in June was named ‘Charlotte’ by the kids from Pilton Bluecoat School, who visited us when she was just born. This weeks arrival have been named Cordelia (top right in the photo) and Camilla (two bottom pictures).

Remaining with names starting with ‘C’ we now need suggestions for our black boy, born this afternoon. ‘Charlie’ and ‘Conrad’ are currently on the list so get your suggestions in for consideration.

We look forward to seeing them all and watch this space for our last cria keeping us waiting.